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It comes from the Greek word “Phyto” for plant. It refers to every naturally occurring chemical presents in plants. Plant are also the source many modern pharmaceutical (drugs). It is estimated that approximately one quarter drugs contain plant extract or active ingredients obtained from plant substances.
A key driving force is the growing knowledge of consumers about traditional medicines. Many consumers have come to realise that effective herbal cures are the results of thousands of years of herbal healing framework development through trial and error, observation, and study. Also, there have been some high profile natural based cures such as Taxol for Cancer, Bintangor plant for AIDS and METHOXSALEN from ammi majus herb for the treatment of leucoderma/vitaligo. In several countries, traditional healing methods have been incorporated into the modern health system. In Germany, over 80% of doctors prescribe a combination of modern medicines as well as herbs. In Japan, doctor prescribed phytomedicines can be claimed under national health insurance.

A key sub area of the herbal industry that is growing rapidly is the nutraceutical area. Consumers are showing a growing preference to consume their nutritional needs through their food rather than in a medicinal form such as capsules or tables.

The Major Phytochemicals Products Produced by us are as follows:-

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It is also known as Xanthotoxin, 8-Methoxypsoralen  or Ammoidin.It is a cream to white coloured needle shaped solid isolated from Ammi Majus herb or  Heraculam Candican   roots. Methoxsalen is a modern concept for the treatment and is superior to other coumarins such as Psoralen,Trioxasalen etc., which are known either to produce side effects and are poor melanin producing agents. Methoxsalen is also extensively used for the preparation of Suntan lotion.

It is a bulk drug which is used in tablets and skin care lotions. It is supplied in the multiples of 1 kg.


Bergapten is 4-Hydroxy-7H-furo (3,2-g)(1)benzopyran-7-one or known as 5-Methoxypsoralen. It is also used for the treatment of psoriasis and sun tanning lotions. It is manufactured from Ammimajus and/ or Ajmoda Seed.

It is supplied in the multiples of 1 kg.

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